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Money is my nemesis. For most of my life, money has brought up feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety. I worried when I had money…I worried when I didn’t.  I felt powerlessness and vulnerable around money. I felt like I was always in a hypnotic spell consisting of scarcity, struggle, and survival.

It’s taken many years, but I feel I’ve finally broken out of that survival spell. I now view money as one of the endless opportunities, possibilities, and self-empowerment. I now know I am not the sum of my bank account or my 401K, but rather I am a generator, a creator, and have “power with” opposed to being “powered over” by money.

“We can not change what we are not aware of and once aware we can not help but change.”  

Sheryl Sandburg


What if you knew you had the ability to generate money and by doing so it became easier to make more, keep more, have more, and never worry about money again no matter your age or circumstance?

money troubles

What is your current relationship with money?  Do you love it, hate it, fear it, and believe you can’t get enough of it? Is it always causing stress in your life, so much to the point that you want nothing to do with it?

Money has each of us under a certain hypnotic spell. This spell has been unconsciously supporting or sabotaging us since we first became aware of money.

Our relationship and beliefs around money are very emotional and personal; beliefs given to us by our family, community and the media. Evidence shows that emotions and beliefs around money can also come down in our DNA for generations (Can you cite the source of this information?). Most of us feel stuck in our lives around money and don’t truly understand why.  Most of us never look at what our money beliefs may be or attempt to challenge them.

What if I told you that you could develop a new awareness around your relationship with money and be able to “snap” out of that hypnotic spell that keeps you stuck. Would you be interested in hearing how?

Old Truths

As a child, I didn’t really think much about money other than I knew it was scarce, hard to get, and wealth seemed to be for other people, not us.

Even though my father was an attorney, we financially struggled and seemed to always be in survival mode when it came to money. There was always a sense of lack and limitations.

In my late twenties, I had a boyfriend with some money and he educated me on investment strategies, instilling in me the importance of saving money, investing, and using it wisely. He showed me how money could lead to more opportunities, experiences, and greater possibilities.

I even started to believe creating wealth was possible for me.

The relationship didn’t last, nor did the lessons I learned. It seemed that every time I had the opportunity to generate more income for myself I would fall again under my childhood hypnotic spell of lack, doubt, and fear. Money seemed to be for others…not me.  These and many more hidden beliefs kept sabotaging my efforts and kept me stuck in fear.


After a long journey of self-discovery and diving deep into my beliefs around money, I discovered I had the ability to change my “story” about money and create new beliefs and relationships with it. I succeeded, and you can too. Let me show you how.

But first, let me ask you a question. Do you believe that more money in your bank account would solve your problems, or create more for you? This is important because it gives an indication of what your relationship with money is.

Money is a tool and an amplifier. It feeds your values or feeds your fears. If money represents power and control for you, chances are you will use any money you make to have control and power over others. If you believe there is never enough money, no matter how much you have, then there will never be enough, and you will spend your life in pursuit of making more, and obtaining those possessions that represent success to you.

On the other hand, if you believe your money can be used to help others, solve problems, and enhance the good in our world, then you will direct your money in those ways.


Money is an inside-out job. You either draw it to you or keep it away. To find out why, you must take a deep look inside yourself. What is the expression that comes from within? What are your thoughts, beliefs, and judgements about money?  

It’s time to shake loose the concept that money is a limited commodity. It’s time to realign your beliefs that the very fact that all nature, and the Universe itself, is born into abundance. Money is no different!

Here are 3 tips for realigning your life around money, and by doing so, will broaden your chances of drawing it into your life:

TIP #1


Yes, your thoughts.  It starts as a thought that follows another thought, that follows another thought and off we go in a loop de loop, repeating those thoughts over and over again.  Most of us have a bad mental habit that goes unnoticed and even worst, unchallenged. Most people tend to believe all the nonstop mental chatter that invades their mind.

Redhead woman saves money in piggy bank at home serious face thinking about question, very confused idea

We think between 50–70 thousand thoughts a day and according to some researchers, as many as 98% of them are the same thoughts we had the day before (Can you cite the source of this information?), and the day before that.

Even more significant is that 80% of our thoughts tend to be negative, reinforcing the same old patterns in our life (Can you cite the source of this information?). No new thoughts, no new opportunities, possibilities or peace.  These same old thoughts keep you stuck, fearful, worried and anxious.  This is especially true of our thoughts around money.

How do you calm down the mental chatter and stop the negative momentum? How can you enjoy greater inner peace and more financial freedom at the same time?

By bringing in NEW empowering thoughts!

You might ask how?

This brings us to the second tip.

TIP #2

Focus & Attention:

Our negative thoughts tend to focus on and give greater attention to, that which we don’t want. These thoughts usually come from experiences from our past, or our projections into the future.  This keeps us out of the present, the place where our power and choices live.

Get into the Present

  • Keep track of your thoughts.  Write them down. Check in with yourself a minimum of 3-5 times a day and see what you are feeling and thinking.  Notice any pattern?
  • Stop buying into the story that what happened yesterday will only repeat itself today.
  • Don’t believe everything your thoughts tell you. You are not your thoughts. The real you is the one who observes yourself thinking those thoughts.
  • The future isn’t here yet.  Don’t let yourself project the worst possible outcome.  If you must prepare for the worst possible outcome in order to give you peace of mind, then do it, but put yourself on a timer. Don’t allow yourself to stay in this place. It will keep you in the dreaded survival mode rather than a thriving mode.

Focus on What You Want

Start directing your attention and focus on what’s possible and what would be awesome.

Here are some phrases to start directing your mind into a place of possibilities and creation. (We’re talking about clarity here Cathy, something that is very difficult for people to do. To me, this sounds too much like the book, The Secret, which tends to be too Pollyanna for me. Imagination and visualization is important, but ACTION still needs to be taken for dreams to come true, something that might be another article entirely in itself)

  • What if I could…..
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if….
  • How could this work out for me….
  • What would it take for me to…..

TIP #3


Most people define beliefs as inward convictions, a feeling of certainty about something or someone. Beliefs are what we perceive ourselves to be and what we hold dear to us. They are usually very deeply rooted within us. A belief is both emotional and mental, a thought that I’ve put a lot of meaning and emotion behind.  

If your focus, energy, and attention are on a certain belief, then this is what will drive your behavior. Most of us become so attached to our beliefs that we are always looking for evidence to support them. We cherry-pick information and only use and accept those parts that support our beliefs.

money growth

For example, if you believe that money is the root of all evil you will only see and find evidence to back that belief up.  Yes, money seems to be the root of evil in many cases and the lack of money has also been the root of evil. (Is it? Or is it the misdirected human greed for power, influence, and control? I believe you are projecting some of your own internal beliefs with this statement.)

How about rich people that are selfish and greedy?  If this is a belief of yours you will only give your focus, attention, and energy to the stories or experiences that back up that belief.  You won’t give much attention to the philanthropists of the world or notice when wealthy people generously donate money to good causes.

Beliefs drive us.  They drive and motivate our actions.  Beliefs are powerful. Many times, our beliefs are negative, pessimistic, or limiting, and we let them sabotage our thinking.

Are your beliefs around money serving you or sabotaging you?

Whatever you believe to be true, it will.  You will attract events, experiences, and people into your life that match those beliefs.

So, start shaping your beliefs into one that lights you up and makes you happy to be alive!

  • Have the courage to dig deep, explore, and challenge your beliefs.  Bring them into the light.
  • Write down your goals while listening to your thoughts that arise.  Are they your cheerleader or your nay-sayer?
  • Complete this sentence and repeat it three times writing down the first thoughts that come to mind. It will give you some insight into your belief about money.  

Money is…

  • Create a new empowering belief. Immerse yourself in the new belief until it takes hold. Be patient with yourself as this is a new skill. Have fun with the process; there is no deadline.
  • Infuse a lot of higher emotion, visions, and feelings into your new beliefs.
  • Look for evidence of it manifesting in your life. Look towards others to support and reinforce your new beliefs.


The world needs money to be in the hands of great and evolved people where it can be used as a force for good to help heal the world’s issues. Even Mother Teresa needed money to do her mission.

We live in a time where money is evolving and changing and we need to evolve and change with it.  Step out of your old money path, one of survival, and instead get onto the new money path of thriving. Let yourself shift. Become aware of money, its possibilities, and the endless opportunities it offers. Imagine a new paradigm around money, one where money is used for good, as it flows into our families, our communities, our country, and the world.

Replace anxiety and fear with courageous action.  Use your new awareness as a force for good. Build a state of mind where you have more fun, freedom, and peace of mind with the power of money.

Here is a great money definition.

“Money is an energy that communicates between all thing’s material and facilities human relationships.”  


Don’t give up!!  Give conscious wealth a chance! Even if you don’t wish to save the world, you can make an impact!

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