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Your grandest work…your SOUL/LIFE work, lies ahead of you IF you choose to risk following your imagination and your inner voice.
Risk Now or Regret Later.

Eight Must-Have Travel Items for Seniors

Traveling around the world is always great fun, no matter your age.  For seniors like you, such treks are just reward for all the hard work and sacrifices expended during your lifetime. Visiting iconic venues, experiencing new cultures, and tasting exotic cuisine are...

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The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Everyone Over 50

Now, we know for sure that men and women are different – physically, socially, shall I continue or do you see where I might be going with this?! 😊 But, would you have guessed that differences between men and women are also very real when it comes to nutritional needs?...

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Memoir Writing: Tasting Life Twice

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” -- Anais Nin You’ve spent five or six-plus decades on the planet, and you’ve got the crow’s feet, scars, and stories to prove it. And -- grace willing -- you’ve got gas in the tank for many years ahead....

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Smart Technology That Works For Seniors!

Have you met Alexa? Had any conversations with Siri lately? If the answer is yes, you’ve used smart technology or home automation. It may seem futuristic if you haven’t used these devices before, but you’ll quickly find that you’re not sure how you got along without...

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Sexy, Single and Over 50: Finding Self Love

by Laura Pegado You're a single female, over 50, and still have the urge for romance and passion. Your hormones often remind you of how human and desirous you still want to be. You feel sexy, yet the cards just haven’t dealt you a man of your dreams. Self-doubt begins...

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Float Therapy: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

by Barbara Zagata Float therapy, viewed by many as the ultimate stress reliever, is a highly effective way to establish a very deep meditative state of mind. By giving yourself this gift of absolute stillness on a regular basis, you’ll greatly increase your ability to...

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Feelings Vs. Emotions: Why Should I Give A Damn?

Emotions vs. feelings. Feelings vs. emotions. Most of us think of feelings and emotions and moods as the same thing and use the words interchangeably. You’re probably thinking no big deal and why should I give a damn, right? Well, it can be a very big deal, especially...

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Kick Start Your Retirement Savings – It’s Not Too Late!

If you’re thinking about (or staying up at night worrying about) your retirement savings, you’re not the only one. Baby boomer savings are in trouble. Many baby boomers, especially those in their late 50’s, are faced with hard questions about how to live comfortably...

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Everyone Is Trying CBD – Should You?

It seems the subject of CBD oil is everywhere you look – from annoying pop-ups on social media to retail stores selling CBD products right in your own neighborhood. Many are making seemingly miraculous claims that this oil will solve a vast number of our health...

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TAF’s mission is to embrace the incredible wisdom, knowledge, and resources of the 50+ age community and steer it towards human enriching, global enhancing alternatives in answer to the many real challenges we face within ourselves, our homes, and in the world.


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