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Your grandest work…your SOUL/LIFE work, lies ahead of you IF you choose to risk following your imagination and your inner voice.
Risk Now or Regret Later.

The Very Best in American and European River Cruise

By H. Michael Hervey Ever since Huckleberry Finn floated down the Mississippi River on a raft circa 1884, people have enjoyed watching the world slowly slide by while on river cruise. Whether the shores offer views of antebellum mansions along Old Man River or grand...

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Top Ten Extraordinary Places to Visit in the United States

Eventually, all roads lead to America because it has the best of everything, the worst of everything, and everything in between. People think America is the land of milk and honey and that all streets are paved with gold. I saw it on CNN so it must be true. Americans...

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Fantastic Part Time Jobs For Folks Over 50

By Carolyn Fields Perhaps you need some extra income and want to stay active in retirement. Or maybe you just want to leave your house once in a while. Whatever your reason, a part-time job may be the answer, provided you are asking the right question. What question...

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Female Baby Boomers: Life After 50

By Susan Rothfuss It was my 50th birthday. As a long-standing member of the Baby Boom generation, I had already lived through “Trust no one over 30,” received the “Over the Hill” coffee mug at 40 and now I was stepping through my step class at 8:00 a.m. before heading...

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10 Reasons to Enjoy the Aging Process

At the first signs of aging, some of us may experience a sense of fear and foreboding. We worry more about our health, both mental health and physical fitness. We resolve to take better care of ourselves and explore every new anti-aging process that we see on TV. I...

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Middle-Age Suicide: Deaths of Despair

by Carolyn Fields With some high profile celebrity suicides in the news, more and more people are talking about middle-age suicide. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that suicide rates for middle-aged adults have recently seen a significant increase. While...

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Celebrating, Creating New Holiday Memories

By Diana Creel Elarde The soft snow swirled around our feet as we crossed the plaza, creating the feel of walking in clouds. It was nearly dusk and the glowing luminarias had just started to light up on the buildings around us. We stopped for a moment to catch the...

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Weird Foods of the World To Try Before You Die

By H. Michael Hervey People the world over enjoy special food during national holidays, important events, and regular meals. While most of those weird foods are tolerable, some will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Literally. The Japanese, for example, cherish...

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