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Your grandest work…your SOUL/LIFE work, lies ahead of you IF you choose to risk following your imagination and your inner voice.
Risk Now or Regret Later.

Sex and the Midlife Couple: From A Flicker to A Flame

by Dawn Ferrara Take a cruise around the internet these days looking for help with intimacy and relationships, you’re likely to see things like this:   “50 is the new 40” “Age is just a number” “You’re only as old as you feel” “You should be having more sex! Better...

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Connecting with Love: Food and Grandkids

By: Diana Creel Elarde I can still recall the wonderful aroma of fresh baked Greek cookies common to the visits to my grandmother’s home. My grandmother didn’t speak English well, but over a table with cookies and smiles her love came through. Cheesecake, my husband...

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Limiting beliefs? Throw in a Dose of Self-Determination

A year ago on a very early Saturday morning, I found the motivation to join a friend in an RPM class at the local gym. For those not in the know (at one point myself included), RPM is the latest gym-speak for a spin or stationary-bike class. And for me, let’s say it...

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How Do You Handle Relations With The Ex Spouse?

By Glenn Baja This isn't the first time I've been asked. “If your ‘ex spouse’ changed, would you go back to her?” I feel a rise in myself. We’ve been down this path before. Nothing good ever comes out of it. “You’re always in contact with her: calls, text, emails....

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Glimpses Into The Mind And Activities Of An Introvert

Editors Note: I’m a full-blown introvert. The last introvert test I took, one that I actually answered as honestly as possible, I scored 100%. The results scared the hell out of me. Hopeless was the word that came to me. Hopelessness was the feeling. But since that...

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Life After Losing a Spouse

Whether you see it coming for months (or even years), or if it strikes out of the blue, the death of a spouse will undoubtedly rock your world. When we join in marriage with another person, we often develop a sense that we are one inseparable unit, bonded together for...

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Traveling Ireland By Car

Ireland is a veritable wonderland of sights, sounds, and people. A land that is experienced to the fullest by the traveler that is willing to abandon the traditional bus tour and head out on their own in a rental car, armed with a map, a GPS, and sense of...

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