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Celebrating: Creating New Holiday Memories

By Diana Creel Elarde The soft snow swirled around our feet as we crossed the plaza, creating the feel of walking in clouds. It was nearly dusk and the glowing luminarias had just started to light up on the buildings around us. We stopped for a moment to catch the...

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Weird Foods of the World To Try Before You Die

By H. Michael Hervey People the world over enjoy special food during national holidays, important events, and regular meals. While most of those weird foods are tolerable, some will raise the hair on the back of your neck. Literally. The Japanese, for example, cherish...

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Creating the Gift of Connection

By Diana Creel Elarde I had expected the task of moving my aging parents back to Michigan to be with family would be an emotionally difficult transition. What I had not anticipated was having to witness their goodbyes to their close friends. Nowhere in our best laid...

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Granny Pods: The Latest Trend in Senior Living

By Glenn Baja It’s a sensitive topic: what to do with our aging parents? Granny pods are the latest trend in senior living, allowing seniors to live close to their children but still have the independence of being in their own space. Granny pods offer a great solution...

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Rape Culture: What Is It?

By Glenn Baja A rape culture occurs in societies when prevailing attitudes towards sexual assault and abuse, particularly towards women, is normalized, trivialized, and often times viewed with entitlement. Rape culture is a term that was originated by US feminists in...

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The Top 10 Very Best Places to Retire in the United States

By H. Michael Hervey You've come a long way baby! Like most Americans, you played by the rules, got the best education you could afford, worked hard for 40+ years, raised a family, and put your kids through college. Some of you had dangerous jobs in the police or fire...

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The Best Ways To Have Serious Fun in Barcelona

Barcelona is the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan city in Spain. Second only to Paris for renowned art and celebrated food, many world-class travelers consider Barcelona the Crown Jewel of Europe. It’s certainly more of a hip, fun place than Paris or London and my...

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Sex and the Midlife Couple: From A Flicker to A Flame

by Dawn Ferrara Take a cruise around the internet these days looking for help with intimacy and relationships, you’re likely to see things like this:   “50 is the new 40” “Age is just a number” “You’re only as old as you feel” “You should be having more sex! Better...

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Connecting with Love: Food and Grandkids

By: Diana Creel Elarde I can still recall the wonderful aroma of fresh baked Greek cookies common to the visits to my grandmother’s home. My grandmother didn’t speak English well, but over a table with cookies and smiles her love came through. Cheesecake, my husband...

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