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8 Memory Board Games That Will Stimulate Your Memory

Are board games just “fun and games”? The best board games work your brain: they make you use your memory, develop critical thinking skills, use strategy proficiency, and more. Games that employ strategy are essential for keeping your memory sharp. Whenever you have...

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Am I Beginning To Lose My Memory?

The dreaded “senior moment”: that instance that you can’t find the right word, your car keys or recall the name of an old friend. No matter that we all, no matter our age, have those moments. When it happens to you, it gets real. You worry, “Am I beginning to lose my...

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Try Gentle Yoga for Flexibility and Fitness

If you’ve been thinking of giving yoga a try because you’ve heard how amazing it is but you’re not as flexible or strong as you used to be… here’s a way for non-flexible seniors to get the benefits of yoga without the senseless frustration of trying to pretzel...

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When Estrangement Is The Healthy Choice

(the author has chosen to remain anonymous) When you encounter the crazy person on the street corner, ranting and raving, you don’t engage in conversation, you simply walk across to the other side of the street or at the very least maintain a healthy distance. But...

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The Great, Greater, and Greatest Unusual Places to Visit

The fortunate among us have opportunities to travel internationally and partake of the wonderful sites, scenes, and customs this grand planet offers. But all of us, no matter our economic standing, should sample these great, greater, and greatest locales whenever...

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5 Steps Toward Overcoming Depression Besides Medication

Congratulations on being here and reading this! It means that you’ve taken the first step in overcoming depression. Perhaps you are reading this because of someone you know who has been showing signs of depression, or you are personally feeling depressed. Either way,...

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How To Raise Your Blood Pressure

by Glenn Baja Much attention is given to ways to prevent high blood pressure (hypertension), but fewer people are concerned about low blood pressure (hypotension). While it might seem desirable to have low blood pressure, if it dips too low, it can cause problems....

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: What Are Your Rights?

by Beth Campagno Are you one of the growing numbers of grandparents today faced with the challenge of raising your own grandchildren? If so, are you aware of what your legal rights are within the state you live in? The following article helps provides some guidance...

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