My name is Glenn Baja. Like many of you, I’m on a journey … a journey to truly experience and understand who I am and what my purpose is for being here. For me, this involves being attuned to my internal wisdom, listening and acting on that internal voice within, and being open to the guidance of the Universe.

I have discovered that the journey involves risk taking: confronting and battling those life-sucking internal fears we all have, then mustering the courage to rise above and step through them. It also involves a willingness to work hard, harder than you’ve ever worked before, to begin creating an extraordinary life for yourself.

Yet, this work will be different than the “job” you’ve had in the past, because it will be your life’s work, something truly meaningful to you that originates from within. Something you love doing so much that it doesn’t feel like work. It becomes a reflection of who you are.  Best of all, you’ll know you’ll be making a difference, in your life and others, by working towards something that’s truly meaningful and helpful at the same time.

Today & Yesterday

At 69 years old I’m still choosing  to grow, learn, and stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. Believe me when I say, it’s never too late to start! I didn’t begin down this path until I was 58 years old, feeling totally directionless, lost, and unhappy. I just knew in my heart that there had to be more.

My life had totally fallen apart: I had divorced after 34 years of marriage, sold my business of 31 years, and found myself living in isolation in a small, simple home in a rural setting. It was a decidedly low point of my life, and a far cry from the beautiful home overlooking Lake Michigan that this family of six had once enjoyed in the past.

My transition to this new life was difficult and full of ups and downs. I struggled with the disappointment I had within, the internal battle with my feelings and thoughts of my not being enough: smart enough, talented enough, valuable enough–not enough in almost every imaginable way. I isolated, I acted out, I asked the universe for direction and, over time, she responded.

Serendipity crept into my life. I was gifted a ticket to a Tony Robbins 4-day event that activated a fundamental shift within. I let myself dream up the biggest dream I possibly could, figuring if I was going to attempt this, why not challenge the universe and go big? I didn’t know how it might happen, but I entrusted it to God and the universe to make it happen, doing my part by taking small, daily, consistent steps towards that which resonated and guided me from within.

It’s a process that still continues to this day.

Moving Forwards

On some days the steps seem bigger than others, just as on some days the steps seem to go backwards. But they are still steps! Often, I find those backward steps filled with the most life-changing, beneficial growth, despite the difficulty they appear to pose. They are as essential to progress as the forward steps are.

My original dream was to have the freedom of traveling, wherever and whenever I wish, take pictures of the beauty I experienced along the way, and be able to create a living from having a lucrative, internet-based business that would travel with me.

I had no idea of how I would make this happen, but slowly and methodically it has revealed itself along the way, a result of my perseverance and belief that it would. Indeed, there has been unplanned twist, turns, and pot-holes along the way, just as there has been those ventures down dark, scary alleys that led to total dead-ends, but I kept striving forwards anyways, choosing to honor the struggle, the growth lessons, and the journey while doing my best.

Sometimes it feels like I’m a living, walking, breathing science experiment in action. I’ve created, both consciously and unconsciously, a huge test for myself, virtually starting over from ground zero while in my sixties. I should be scared to death–terrified–yet deep within I have this knowingness that all is happening just the way it’s supposed to, all in the perfection it’s meant to. I’m out testing, risking, and challenging the Universe, betting all that I own, am, and have on my conviction and belief that I can create this life of my dreams and in turn, help others create theirs as well.

What I’m Passionate About

I am passionate about life. Today I find myself happier than I’ve ever been. By living in alignment with my morals, values, and desires, I’ve found that I’ve attracted to myself so many fantastic things that have brought me true joy and ongoing opportunity. I’m presently in the best relationship I’ve ever been in, as well as the best physical shape of my life. I received my second-degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2017 and today I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, a Group Fitness Instructor, and a Senior Fitness Specialist. I am passionate about helping people feel great!

My passion and love of photography continues to blossom. I love traveling and photographing beauty.

Books, people, and incredible daily learning opportunities continue to bless my life. My experience as a Certified High Performance Coach has further ignited my desire to help others grow into their own innate greatness!

I have learned and experienced so much since those dark, desolate days of feeling lost, broken, and damaged. This same level of hope, growth, and happiness exist within you too, and it is my wish to be the catalyst in your life to bring this to light. I invite you on this journey to THRIVE!

There is no better time than now to begin.


Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.”

This is your time. This is your life. Now is the time to thrive!


email: glenn@thriveafter50.com

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