What's the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?

I believe the answer quite simply is: MORE.

They want to be MORE. They want to do MORE. They want MORE passion and love in their relationships. They want MORE money, MORE energy, and MORE time. They want MORE adventure in their lives. They want to be MORE courageous, MORE motivated, MORE inspired, and MORE purposeful. They want MORE meaning, MORE growth, MORE true wealth, and to make MORE of a difference in the world

…or someone’s world.

Everyone wants more of the GREAT things that life has to offer, right? Well to get more, people need to step-up and BECOME more.


Glenn Baja
I’d like to help you do just that. My name is Glenn Baja and I’m one of 400 elite Certified High Performance Coaches in the world. If you have just 20 minutes to fill out a questionnaire, then I’d like to teach you:

  • How the world’s most accomplished and influential people THINK
  • Why you’ve been so exhausted (and what to do about it immediately)
  • Why most people FAIL at managing their time and day
  • The #1 secret you MUST follow to achieve more INFLUENCE with people
  • How to clarify your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life

If you’re striving to take your life to the next level, yet are finding yourself hindered by personal roadblocks, I can help. I’ll teach you six simple principles you can use to better master your mind, body, and ability to be more productive, clear, and confident.

These strategies will completely change how you feel, manage your day, and influence others.


I’ll give you the exact strategies and questions the world’s most accomplished and influential people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, influence others, and stay true to their mission in life. Knowing these will transform your life. 

And frankly, if you’re not tending to these six principles, then it’s almost impossible to move forwards and have a significant impact. I’m telling you all this because I’d like to help you right away.


It’s your time for dramatic change and rapid advancement in your personal and professional life. I’d like to work one-on-one with you to break through your barriers and help you reach your highest potential and performance in all you do.


Let’s hop on the phone and see if I can help you. To begin, and to see if we might be a good fit for each other, just fill out my questionnaire for a free strategy session.


Once I review your application and learn a little more about you, I will schedule a free one-on-one consult with you. Yes, really – I’ll help you for free on this one.


I’m looking forward to working with you

Let’s make this your breakthrough year


Glenn Baja, CHPC
Certified High Performance Coach








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