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Do fun dates always have to be dinner and a movie? Drinks and a show? Been there, done that… and dating in your golden years isn’t the same as when you were in your 20s. There have to be more things to do on a first date! Luckily, there are fun things you can do together that are fun and still leave plenty of time for conversation. To energize your dating life, here’s a list of good first date ideas for lovers over 50.

Best First Date Ideas for a Relaxing Day

1. Go downtown… as a tourist!

When was the last time you were a tourist in your own town? You’ve probably been downtown a hundred times, but chances are you hit the same restaurants and other favorite spots, but you don’t see your town through the eyes of a tourist. Here’s how you can try:

  • Architectural tours: these can be walking or bus tours that get you behind the scenes into the interesting (and sometimes scandalous) history of prominent local architecture.
  • Segway tours: if you’ve never been on one and think it’s dorky… you’re missing out! Segways are goofy-looking but they are a lot of fun to drive (ride?) and let you see more of a city than you could on foot. Some cities have Segway rental shops where you can explore on your own; or, you can opt for guided tours.
  • River/bay/lake tours: if you live near a large body of water, take a boat tour to see a city from a new perspective.
  • Atlas Obscura tours: go to to find quirky, really offbeat tours and hidden-wonder excursions in many major cities.

2. Take a cooking class.

Awaken your palate to a whole new way to experience and eat food. Learn about new-to-you foods both as a cook and as a diner; be introduced to new, exciting ingredients, learn from master chefs, enjoy cooking on restaurant-caliber equipment, and enjoy your meal together!

3. Go paddle a canoe.

first date ideas for lovers over 50
If you’re near water and want to do your own thing, look for boat rentals. For a first date, keep it simple and slow – you don’t want the potential frustration of learning (or teaching) something new and complex like sailing. This is meant to be a fun time to get to know each other – so a paddleboat or canoe may be a better choice than a speedboat or sailboat.

4. Make it breakfast!

Breakfast dates are the hidden gem of first dates. If the vibe is there, you have the whole day to spend together; and if not, then it’s far less awkward to go on with your day than making excuses about not going to his (or her) place after drinks.

5. Go for an art walk.

Many cities have up-and-coming areas that are being spruced up by very talented street artists. Walk, take pictures, get to know each other, get inspired, stop for coffee, lunch, or drinks while admiring the artwork.

Fun First Date Ideas for the Adventurous

first date ideas for lovers over 50
1. Airplane or helicopter tours

Airplane or helicopter tours give you a fascinating look at your hometown from the sky.

2. Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding.

Go Stand-Up Paddleboarding lets you have fun on a lake and if both of you are new to SUPs, you’re in for some fun (and you’ll both laugh a lot, and therefore relax).

3. Go Geocaching.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. Use the Geocaching app and/or a GPS to locate cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. You never know what you’ll find!

4. Walk shelter dogs (or cuddle shelter cats).

If you’re both animal lovers, there’s no sweeter way to spend the day than to give love to scared, lonely animals stuck in shelters!

Last Thoughts on First Dates

Sitting across the table from each other can be incredibly awkward, which is why active first dates have such appeal. Many people feel more comfortable walking while talking, so active first dates are a great way to know each other while burning off nervous first-date energy.

Of course, more traditional dating ideas will always remain timeless: dancing, bowling, a sporting event, concerts, art festivals or comedy shows are always fun – but to get to know each other, find something that you both enjoy that takes away the awkwardness and lets both of you be yourselves.

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