Submission Guidelines

Thrive After Fifty is looking for well written, inspiring, and useful articles that cover topics like:

  • Personal Growth

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Business & Career (no politics)

  • Money

  • Relationships

  • Self-Improvement

  • Spiritual well-being (no religious articles)

  • Personal productivity, or contributing to society

Formatting and Style Requirements:

  • Aim for a word count of 1,000 to 1,400

  • Send in a Word document or text file

  • Use conversational language

  • Use personal and passionate stories and concrete details

  • Use an attention-grabbing headline and a sub-headline that provides more detail

  • Use sections with headers to break up the subject matter

  • Use short ( no more than five sentences) paragraphs and concise sentences

Structure Requirements:

We are all drowning in too much information. Thrive After 50’s goal is to provide value in the form of advice and action-oriented content. A reader should walk away from our articles having learned something new and knowing what next steps to take in the direction of a better future.

We are looking for articles that:

  • Ask a question, particularly questions that others may be afraid to ask

  • Contain one clear idea

  • Provide proof that the idea is beneficial

  • Provide an illustrative and moving story, with authentic details

  • Provide an actionable takeaway for the reader

  • Lead with a story, promise, invitation, problem, solution, or prediction

  • End with a clear conclusion and/or call to action

Every article should have at least one, preferably 2-3, of the following attributes:

  • News that readers would like to share with others

  • Statistics that readers can quote

  • Humor. Make fun of yourself or ideas

  • Complex ideas simplified

  • Authentic emotion

  • A shared secret

How to Submit:

To submit, contact Thrive After 50 at Contact Me  Please allow up to two weeks for reply.


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