TAF’s mission is to embrace the incredible wisdom, knowledge, and resources of the 50+ age community and steer it towards human enriching, global enhancing alternatives in answer to the many real challenges we face within ourselves, our homes, and in the world.

Thrive After 50 believes that the last half of life is the grandest and greatest time of all, filled with unlimited and untapped possibilities. It is a time when we can finally look forwards with focused clarity, use our greatest resources with direction and purpose, and begin creating our life’s greatest work. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a time to retire, but rather is a time to rewire ourselves towards making our greatest life advances. It’s a time to finally give back to others, make a difference in lives, and begin creating the change you wish to see. It’s a time to push through debilitating personal limitations and numbing roadblocks and begin striving towards becoming the person you always wished you could be.

Thrive After 50 believes that we all must come to amends with our past, forgiving ourselves and others, while at the same time, learning to bless our past for making us into the incredibly unique person that we are today. Finally, we can become that proud person who has always yearned to get out and express itself but, through no fault of your own, has been suppressed, silenced, and inhibited.

We believe that to create change, we must first be the change we wish to see. In other words, all true change must first begin with ourselves. To do this Thrive After 50 believes we must place ourselves boldly, vibrantly, and purposefully on a path to “rewire” our minds, body, and spirit with the intention of creating the most noble self-vision we have of ourselves.

We believe our greatest life’s work has yet to be accomplished. This is not a time to slow down, lie back, and slowly watch yourself digress into a resigned life, shackled and chained by our own ancestral visions of what retirement should be like. Rather, it’s a time to personally step up, challenge yourself and life as you know it, and charge forth towards developing your own unique calling.

To help achieve this mission, we empower, mentor, and teach individuals how to discover, aspire, and integrate their own strengths and personal gifts towards creating this change. We accomplish this through personal growth education, regaining our energy and vibrancy for life, and advocating self-enriching, life-enhancing experiences.

Please join us on this adventure of a lifetime!

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