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Take it from someone who knows… a couple that does things together, stays together! Fun hobbies are a way for the two of you to connect, do interesting things, and meet new friends. Of course, you don’t need to be together 24/7 and do every single thing together, but finding good hobbies you can do together will expand your horizons as individuals and as a couple.

If you’ve never tried out any hobbies for couples, it’s probably because you don’t know how to find a hobby you’ll both enjoy. Here’s a list of 10 things to do as a couple. As you’re about to see, finding a hobby isn’t that hard, even if you have completely different interests!

Fun Hobbies for Couples

1. Photography.

The beauty of photography is that you can both be looking at exactly the same things, but capture them in different ways. Whether you use your iPhone or a professional DSLR, you can have a lot of fun going on a photo safari… anywhere! Challenge yourselves with themes such as graveyards in the fog… pets… fall colors… street photography… food photography… bridges… architecture… flowers… cars… (indulge each other’s interests and do a photo shoot of something your partner loves and introduce your partner to something you love).

2. Game nights.

Bring another couple or a bunch of single friends over for a monthly game night: Scrabble, Risk, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity… there are countless mentally stimulating games – so there’s no shortage of ideas for what to play next.

3. Yoga.

If one of you is as bendy as rubber and the other as stiff as oak, you can still do yoga! Yoga is all about mindfulness, stress relief, and it has countless health and wellbeing benefits including weight loss and improved sex life. Find a class that suits your ability level, and remember to breathe!

4. Travel… locally.

Travel doesn’t have to mean epic transoceanic journeys. Take the time to be tourists in your own city or state, and gain a new appreciation for where you live (while getting away for a romantic escape!

fun hobbies for couples
5. Bicycling… on an e-bike.

Cycling is taking outdoor fun to a whole new level with the popularity of e-bikes, which are pedal-assist bikes (the small motor kicks in only when you’re pedaling, to help you up steeper climbs or to help you keep up with a faster partner). If one of you is an avid cyclist and the other doesn’t want to be the one holding up the ride, an e-bike is the answer for fun times together on two wheels!

6. Volunteering.

A couple I know walks shelter dogs once a week. Another volunteers with disabled people at a state park. Volunteering brings you closer together – not only do you spend time together, but you spend time together doing something meaningful that enriches you and your community.

7. Dancing.

If one of you has two left feet and the other can’t stop moving, a dance class will bring you closer together. In dancing, you have to work together. You have to be responsive to each other to have fun and master a dance. Dancing helps you connect physically, mentally, and emotionally!

8. Antiquing.

You don’t have to buy anything (you don’t have to end up with a barn filled with antiques) – but antiquing is a fascinating look into yesteryear, a way to share family stories (“my grandma had that sewing machine!”) and even to become more appreciative of modern conveniences.

fun hobbies for couples
9. Video games.

No longer the standby for young bachelors, video games are something you can share as a couple. Whether you want to have fun racing each other around a race track, or joining forces against evil, video games can be a fun way to bond, relax, and unplug from your everyday worries (and as a bonus, gaming helps with hand-eye coordination and reflexes).

10. Themed dinner parties.

Expand your culinary horizons by inviting your foodie friends for a themed dinner party – or, just cook for yourselves! The world is filled with delicious foods you haven’t tried yet, so be adventurous and try! Look in your area for cooking classes if you’re not a confident cook – or indulge in a few gorgeous ethnic cookbooks and try a new recipe every month.

Shared Activities Make Shared Memories

Shared activities make shared memories, and what better way to go through life together than to share a fun hobby… or six? Remember, you’re friends first and foremost, and infusing your life with a little lighthearted fun will bring a spark to your relationship and help you spend truly quality time together.

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