By Carolyn Fields

Perhaps you need some extra income and want to stay active in retirement. Or maybe you just want to leave your house once in a while. Whatever your reason, a part-time job may be the answer, provided you are asking the right question.

What question is that you ask? Simply this:  what kind of part time job is the right fit for my goals, needs, and interests? Whatever your answer may be, read on! Below we’ve listed some pretty fantastic part-time job ideas for folks just like you that are over 50!

Not all part time jobs will suit all skill sets, career backgrounds, financial needs, personal preferences, or physical limitations. In order to find the right part time job for you, it’s best to explore your options, with your goals firmly in mind. With that, sometimes it’s nice to have a few ideas to jump-start your search.

Below I’ve selected a few part time jobs that may appeal to the “mature” adult who is looking for a little extra cash, and who don’t want a full-time commitment.


Admittedly, retired teachers have the inside track when it comes to landing a job as a tutor. This is especially if you plan to help students prepare for standardized exams like the SAT. But you don’t necessarily need a background in education to become a tutor. Online services such as are open to industry professionals with specific areas of expertise to share. This is if you are willing and eager to help students learn.

Online tutoring platforms are convenient and flexible, and you can work remotely from anywhere (even the local coffee shop). It’s a great option for people who are passionate about learning and helping the next generation.

Seasonal Retail Associate

With the unemployment rate trending downward (nearing historic lows), employers are scrambling to fill seasonal part time retail jobs. By seasonal, we’re not just talking about the holidays. There is seasonal work in spring (e.g., gardening supplies), summer (e.g., vacation relief), fall (e.g., back-to-school), as well as winter festivities. Some employers are offering increased wages, while others are offering additional perks such as employee discounts and flexible scheduling.

A background in retail can be helpful, but it’s not necessary since most stores will provide training. One thing to think about, however, is that for this type of job you have to get up, get dressed, and go into a store. Seasonal retail associates help customers, act as a cashier, take inventory, stock shelves, and other in-store tasks.

Customer Service Representative

There are always jobs available for people who are good at communicating on the phone or via chat. Many of these customer service roles let employees work part time, flexible shifts from a home office. If you have previous customer service experience so much the better, but it’s not required as most companies are providing training.

You must have patience, and a willingness to work with people who may not be at their best (just think of the last time you called customer service with an issue). However, if you are a problem-solver by nature, this may be the perfect fit.


If you have a valid driver’s license with a clean record, and an insured car that’s in good shape, then becoming a driver for a company like Uber or Lyft might be a good fit for you.

This “gig” gives you ultimate control over your own hours, with total flexibility over when you’re on or off the clock.  Also, this is probably one of the highest paying part time jobs around.  The national average is $19.04 an hour, but if you live near a city with an airport or a strong nightlife scene, you could be making as much as $30 to $40 an hour, plus tips. And you get to meet some pretty interesting people along the way.

Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

If you love dogs and enjoy long walks in the park, then this may be an ideal part time job for you. And when your clients go away on vacation, you might earn even more money pet sitting. The pros are flexibility, and the opportunity to hang out with man’s best friend.

The cons are dealing with potentially unruly pups, and even more unruly clients. Also, when it comes time for you to take your own vacation or need a personal day, you’re going to need a back-up to take your place.

Dog owners need to walk their pets every day, even if you’re in Hawaii. Still, this is a good opportunity to earn money while also working on your fitness goals. A win-win if there ever was one.


I know what you’re thinking. Internships are for college students or recent graduates looking to get an “in” at their dream company. While that’s still true, internships are also well-suited for seniors looking for part time employment when they are past the traditional retirement age. Post-retirees may no longer need full benefits and might be willing to take a reduced salary just to get back in the game.

Companies benefit from a new and huge pool of potential employees, and employees get to learn new skills and make a little extra money. You might even use an internship to “relaunch” your career in an entirely different area. This is if you are willing to learn, adapt, and grow in new ways.

Part Time Jobs on Indeed

There are many job sites online, such as Monster, Glassdoor, Dice, Mediabistro, and several others. The thing that makes the Indeed job site different is that it allows the candidate to search multiple job boards at once. Also, they are concentrating on local jobs if you wish. Some people have had good experiences with Indeed, but there are mix feedbacks.

A word of caution:  as for the employer’s concern, the feedback is much more negative, which may be a red flag. Still, they are the #1 job site in the world, based on sheer volume of users.

I decided to give Indeed a try, just to see how it worked. I tried to “upload” my resume, but found that their “automatic” system chopped it up in all the wrong places. I had to go back in and completely reformat the information. On a positive note, the online form has multiple sections. Also, you can add as much or as little information as you wish.

Upon completing your resume, you can apply for dozens of jobs just by clicking “apply with resume.” The platform is very sleek and easy to use, even for a computer novice.

Final Word

So, there you have it. There are plenty of part time job opportunities out there, and truly there is something for everyone. Be sure to start with your goals and interests firmly in mind. Then just dive in – the water is fine!

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