Thriving After 50 – Is this last half going to be your best half?

There are so many men and women who have resigned themselves to a life of mediocrity and spiritual pain – a result of not ever discovering, let alone living, the dreams they once saw for themselves. I cannot think of a greater pain for people to experience, or a more empowering obstacle to courageously work to overcome…


Do you have a dream? A life purpose? Do you suspect that there’s more to life than what you’ve experienced so far? Are you happy?


Many of you have found fulfillment in your past, and have likely accomplished many dreams and goals – like raising a family, or pursuing a career.


But if you’re like many people facing retirement you may also have an underlying feeling of incompletion, a yearning for more, and a wish to change your life.


Here’s the good news: For perhaps the first time in your life, you have the time, wisdom, money, and resources to do whatever you wish to do.

I invite you to take full advantage of this opportunity. I challenge you to push yourself beyond what you already know about yourself, to shape your life into a life that matters to you and to others. I dare you to take stock of what is missing, and go out there and get it.


You can do it!

You may believe you’re trapped. That no one else can understand what you’re dealing with, be it your relationship with your spouse, obligations to others, financial struggles, physical ailments, or emotional complexities. You feel alone, isolated, and distant.


Or maybe you have been run down by life. You’ve lost your drive, your energy, and your ambition. Perhaps you don’t know how to change your life, or know what you would do, or how you would do it.


Or maybe your life is good. Maybe life has blessed you with a wonderful family, a supportive spouse, a fantastic job, great income, and all the wonderful things that good fortune can bring. And you don’t want to give that up.

Not matter your situation, if you find yourself restless, or wanting more, feeling that something is missing, then Thrive After Fifty may have something for you.


Make the decision to Thrive for the rest of your life


Thrive After Fifty is about making the second half of your life as exciting as the first half. You have the time, money, wisdom, and resources to do whatever you wish.

It’s about waking up tomorrow, and finding that you’re more than what you are today. It’s about finding and pursuing your passion, and improving your life, and others lives, in the process.


Don’t retire, rewire


Let’s rewire. Let’s refocus, re-energize, and reengage ourselves in something that is exciting and challenging.

Thrive After Fifty is a resource to help you step out of your comfort zone, defy the odds, set new goals, enjoy new adventures, and face your fears with confidence and determination.

Commit to learning. Commit to growing. You are the Michelangelo of your life; it’s designer and sculptor. Use your unique life tools, the ones at your disposal, to carve out and manifest the life that you desire.

Your life can, and will, change in spectacular ways. Join us, won’t you?


Welcome to Thrive After Fifty


Get Started! Live Your Dream!

Step 1: Thriving After 50 – The 6 Essential Elements of Thriving After 50.

Step 2: Thriving After 50 – Real stories. Real people. How they are thriving.

Step 3: Thriving After 50 – Follow Glenn’s Story.


To your success.