TAF’s mission is to embrace the incredible wisdom, knowledge, and resources of the 50+ age community and steer it towards human enriching, global enhancing alternatives in answer to the many real challenges we face within ourselves, our homes, and in the world.

Thrive After 50 believes that the last half of life is the grandest and greatest time of all, filled with unlimited and untapped possibilities. It is a time when we can finally look forwards with focused clarity, use our greatest resources with direction and purpose, and begin creating our life’s greatest work. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a time to retire, but rather is a time to rewire ourselves towards making our greatest life advances. It’s a time to finally give back to others, make a difference in lives, and begin creating the change you wish to see. It’s a time to push through debilitating personal limitations and numbing roadblocks and begin striving towards becoming the person you always wished you could be.

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Start a Business: Exploit Your Expertise

By H. Michael Hervey The best way for seniors to stay vibrant and healthy during their Golden Years is doing something they love. It also helps if they can combine doing something they love with something in which they have a high level of knowledge or experience....

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Is Volunteering in Retirement Right for You?

When I sit at my computer day after day, I interact with a lot of people. Someone “likes” a comment I posted on Facebook. Someone else leaves a comment on a blog post that I wrote. Yet another person accepts a trade in an online game that I’ve been playing. Then one...

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Dating After 50: Is It Worth It?

 By Glenn Baja Dating after 50 can be a very daunting task to address and adapt to. Just the idea of starting over can be very overwhelming and intimidating. Is it worth the amount of time and effort to do this…yet again? Just the challenge and perseverance required...

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Does Age Affect Memory?

By Diana Creel Elarde We have all had those times, the ones we joke about as a “senior moment” where our memory seems to fail us. A word lost here and there, or perhaps a foggy recollection of an event that we have trouble fully recalling. Does age affect memory,...

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Can Music Change Your Life?

You’re probably already aware of the uplifting effects of music. If you’ve ever heard a song playing in the background at a store and found yourself suddenly smiling (or even singing along), you know the power of music to change your mood. Or perhaps you’ve been...

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