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Glenn Baja is the proud Founder and CEO of, a newsletter magazine designed to help people not through retirement, but rather through rewirement. Glenn believes that the last-half of life can be the best-half of life, and encourages individuals to re-energize, reinvent, and re-motivate themselves to engage in manifesting a life of your unique design.

Prior to founding, Glenn was a successful businessman, a father of four, a partner in a marriage for 34 years, an accomplished traveler and a photographer; passions that are still growing and manifesting themselves today.

Glenn has dedicated himself in this best-half of life to becoming the most amazing person he can be, and creating the life of his dreams. Additionally, he is committed to helping others find their unique path, gifts and direction in life. He believes that everyone has a destiny and purpose that is unique to each individual, with gifts and contributions that need to be shared with the world.

Glenn is committed to doing all that he possibly can to make sure that the “music that is within” does not die with you. He believes that it is a moral and personal obligation to share these gifts with the world and others. Glenn currently resides in Traverse City, Michigan and is the proud father of four children: Kristin, Allison, Amy and Collin, who are dispersed across the world (one lives in Istanbul, Turkey!). They all are currently engaged in realizing and manifesting their own dream’s. 

barrydBarrie Davenport is the founder of and creator of the top-ranked personal development blog, Live Bold and Bloom. She is a certified life passion coach, helping others find and live their inner passions in a way that creates a fuller, happier, and more purpose-filled life. She is the creator of Discover Your Passion: A Step-by-Step Course for Creating the Life of Your Dreams, and the author of The 52-Week Life Passion Project and The Bold Living Guides. She is also the co-creator of The Habit Course (with Leo Babauta and Katie Tallo) and co-creator of the Simple Self-Confidence course (with Erin Falconer of Pick the Brain).

Barrie spent over 20 years as a successful public relations executive, helping her clients realize their own passions by positioning them for success. She served as marketing and PR director for a network of career colleges, supporting students as they pursued their own career passions.

Over time, Barrie realized she wasn’t 100% fulfilled with her own career. After years of feeling stuck, she took a leap of faith and left her successful PR career in order to begin a process of self-discovery for her true calling. At the time, she thought she was merely on a personal search. But over the decades of helping other people with their dreams, she had been unknowingly honing an incredibly powerful skill

Thrive After 50 Dave Lukas - Expert

Dave M. Lukas is a modern day “Renaissance Man.”  Recently turned 30, Dave has been able to accomplish an incredible amount in his life.  Whether it is traveling to remote corners of the world, being invited to work with thought leaders such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and many others, speaking to Fortune 500 companies and Universities, developing his own companies, and investing in real estate and the stock market, there is little that Dave has not accomplished.  He has been published in numerous publications, including Forbes, and is known for his no-nonsense, common sense approach.

As he says, “Nobody typically succeeds alone.  I am so fortunate to have had the support, mentors, and guidance that I have had in life.”

He founded his first business at a very young age (5 years old!) and continued to develop successful businesses through college.  Dave then took that early success to a national F500 company where he earned recognition as Rookie of the Year, Sales Consultant of the Year, Top 25 Producer (out of 1500 sales reps).  He became an accomplished management professional and built numerous top performing organizations.  Today, through his consulting firm LCS Group, Dave consults with companies at all stages of growth, often taking ownership positions, which allows him to have maximum personal impact on strategic growth targets. As Vice President and co-owner of Grasp Technologies, for example, Dave has architected 100% growth every year for each of the last 5 years.

Dave is also very involved in internet business and start-ups, and is an accomplished investor in real estate and stock investing.  He speaks to companies, organizations, and universities on the mindset of success and the everyday principles of The Ten Year Career. Through all this, he feels most at home when he is helping someone learn a new trait or skill, or reach new levels in their life.  Helping others reach their true potential is a passion for him.  Dave is also involved with several non-profit organizations.

He lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Central Ohio.

JLifeportrait_blueshirt:croppedJeffry S. Life, MD, PhD Dr. Jeffry Life, a board-certified, family practice physician and now a pioneer in age management medicine, is a recognized leader in the healthy aging field. He has a thriving age management medicine practice located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Life was 59 years old when he realized he looked and felt like an old man. His cholesterol scores were sky high and he was very close to becoming a type 2 diabetic. He knew he had to make a drastic change or he had no future and an early death. His odyssey toward health began with a low-glycemic/low-fat diet and intense exercise program with a former Navy Seal. After winning the 1998 Body-for-LIFE competition in his age range, Dr. Life returned to school to master nutrition and exercise science. Fifteen years later, at the age of 74, he’s as active and vibrant as ever, fully enjoying every aspect of his medical practice, and his personal life.

Now, he has turned his quest for health and fitness into a comprehensive method that can be followed with success by men of any age. His first book, THE LIFE PLAN: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body (Atria Books, May 2011) instantly became a New York Times bestseller and is now available in paperback. Dr. Life’s second book, Mastering The Life Plan: The Essential Steps to Achieving Great Health and a Leaner, Stronger, and Sexier Body was published by Atria Books in March 2013.

Dr. Life is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Practice and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Iowa, he completed his residency in family medicine and internal medicine at West Virginia University. He holds a PhD in environmental sciences and health. He was a part-time assistant professor at Marywood University in Pennsylvania, teaching graduate courses in nutritional science and exercise physiology throughout his early career. He currently lives in Las Vegas.

Dr. Jeffry Life continues to live a lifestyle promoting health and fitness and shares his insights on his website, Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter.

Dr. David Connell

Dr. David Connell PHD. is a clinical psychologist with 43 years experience practicing psychotherapy with children, adolescents, families, couples and groups. He is especially gifted in establishing rapport with kids. His many years of personal questing for spiritual growth have included 18 yrs. of formal Christian education plus 20 yrs.of training and ongoing practice in Siddha Yoga, utilizing meditation and kundalini awakening. His quest has taken him to India, Europe and parts of the United States to study with Gurus, Mother Theresa, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Ram Dass, the Dali Lama, several theoretical physicists i.e., David Bohm, Fritjof Capra and neuroscientist Carl Pribram, among others who teach regarding the wholistic perspective. More recently David has been following the Red Path, practicing and incorporating the teachings of the native peoples.

The wholistic perspective championed most recently by Deepak Chopra holds that we are all mind, body, spirit entities. David’s doctoral dissertation researched stress and its remedy from this transpersonal perspective. David has many years of training and practice in the blending of psychotherapy and spiritual growth. His authentic expression, humor and communication skills help to bring this transpersonal perspective to life for those who wish to optimize their own personal journey of healing and growth.Alignment with the Higher Self is the way to health.

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