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There are so many people who have resigned themselves to a life of mediocrity and spiritual pain – a result of not ever discovering, let alone living, the dreams they once saw for themselves. I cannot think of a greater pain for people to experience, or a more empowering obstacle to courageously work to overcome. is a website and newsletter dedicated to creating and manifesting the life that YOU desire ... a life that you deserve.

Our mission is to supply EVERY individual with the tools needed to create a lifestyle of your design, to help you live a life of purpose, authenticity, and fulfillment. We are committed to creating a community of like-minded individuals who come together in support and celebration of each other on this journey of self discovery.

Individuals over fifty years have more potential influence upon the world and its future than any other single group of people. We have not only the wisdom, but also the time, knowledge, resources and, in many cases, the money, to create a new lifestyle ... a new "encore" career. This time around though we are doing it for ourselves based upon our passions, internal desires, and wish to contribute back to others.

Please join us on this magnificent journey to lead the life you have always dreamed of manifesting, a life unbounded and limitless in nature. This is the life that you have been blessed with.

Our mission is to get you to THRIVE! Thriving consist of looking at your life on many different levels:

  • Body & Health - To thrive one must have the energy and discipline to take care of themselves. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you doing everything you can to take care of yourself? Do you feel healthy?
  • Money & Work - To really thrive in this area involves looking at your limiting beliefs, setting new standards for yourself, and taking action on what is really important to you. What is holding you back from thriving?
  • Mind & Spirit - Are you happy? Are you on a life course that is fulfilling to you? If you were on your deathbed would you be content to know that you did all you could to live your dream and do your part to make a difference? How does mind and spirit affect your daily decisions. How has fear, fear of not being enough or loved enough, taken root in your life? 
  • Love & Relationships - Are you happy in your relationships? Have you compromised yourself for the sake of a relationship? If so, has this brought more joy into your life or are you living a life of quiet desperation? Do you bring love and joy to the "table" in all of your relationships rather than anger, resentment, or sadness? 
  • Travel & Adventure - Do you still have the spirit of adventure and travel in your mind, body and spirit? Do you wish to experience life at it's fullest or do you find that your more content to operate in surroundings that are familiar to you? Travel and adventure can change your life. We will show you how.
  • Growth & Contribution - Your child-rearing years are over. The kids are out of the house and on their own. It is just you, or you and your spouse. What now? Are you still challenging yourself? Do you have a plan?  Are you holding on to all your old limiting beliefs and doing what you've always done? Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone and really live? How can you make a difference in your and other lives?   

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